This page has some of the worst days of Continental Airlines documenting some of the Accidents and Incidents

updated 10/24/17                                                                                             

Newark International Airport
Gate 114 Terminal C
June 14.   2000

Maintenance had been working on  problem in the cockpit
and had pulled a circuit breaker silencing the full power alarm.
Another mechanic working on a seperate issue started one of the jets engines to test an oil pressure problem.
No taxi/towing checks were performed and the jet jumped the chocks hitting the terminal.
Several aircraft cleaners an a mechanic suffered minor injuries..

"How" "How"
    Do You "FORGET"????

New York La Guardia Airport
Flight 795 LGA-DEN March 1994

The aircraft skidded off runway13 when the pilots aborted the takeoff due to inefficient speed. The investigation revealed the the aircraft was actually at V1 at the time of the abort. The Pitot heat had not been turned on by the pilots which allowed ice to build up in the pitot tubes and cause erroneous speed readings

Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina
May 6, 2011
Boeing 737-800  Ship #N2221

This Continental Airlines Boeing 737-800 (N2221) was coming out of the Greenville airport in the state of Mississippi where it had been completely repainted. Two pilots came to take possession and drove for a positioning flight to Houston, Texas. From that day, the plane would continue its career in the colors of United Airlines after the merger of it with Continental. No passengers or other crew members were on board.A faulty water pipe caused erosion under the tarmac leaving the concrete unsupported. Under the weight of the plane, a slab gave way. The left landing gear fell into the hole and was twisted backwards. The reactor and the left wing hit the ground and the plane came to a stop.Safe and sound, the pilots were able to escape from behind.

"I guess this plane didnt want the United Name painted on it"